Tuesday 6 August 2019

Self Care & Self Love

Good morning spoonies and non spoonies ! Let’s talk of ways of coping and taking care of yourself in a positive way ... you know as well as I that if you are in 24/7 pain , socialising is no longer an option ( at least for me ) , so how have I coped with feeling less isolated from the world ? I have made some meaningful friendships on social media , fellow chronic illness fighters , and other ladies that you know they just get you ...... We support each other , we are there for each other on sleepless nights and on very low days ... and of course Mother ( she is my rock , my punching bag when I have just had enough.. she is my everything and I’m so very blessed to have her ) . I try to support people that I know are going through a tough time , I listen .... sometimes all we need is someone to listen . This is what I do to feel less isolated and feel that I can still make a difference.

Self love and Self Care πŸ’–: Now I am good at this !!!!  If you are on 20 meds plus a day plus going through the menopause... well you know that your skin and appearance can be affected😬, especially dehydration, your face may look tired and less plump , your hands and feet are showing signs of the water retention , washing your hair can become a problem ( unless you have someone helping you or you can go to have your hair done every week , unfortunately this is not my case πŸ˜’). Showers and Baths : well showers aren’t a problem you may need a stool or chair that you can purchase from care shops , baths ............. 🀦‍♀️🀦‍♀️🀦‍♀️ I will never attempt to have a bath again after I got stuck in the bath and had to call my 77 year old mother to lift me out .. I can’t tell you the embarrassment so much so that I was in tears 😭 from being hysterical as I felt trapped and laughing tears because of the image of what I was looking wasn’t a pretty sight , poor mother had to have 2 weeks rest after having ousted me up from the bath 😳😳😳.

What products are really helpful and work ( I am not advertising or selling any of the products mentioned )

Face : A Rose water tonic spritz is a must have ! It is anti inflammatory, it’s soothing , when you are in pain or have hot flushes this is the one to use . My favourite one is Mario Badescu Rose water .
A good face serum is a must , I have 3 that I use :
1-Niacinamide Serum by Garden of Wisdom
2-Neurophroline Serum by Garden of Wisdom
3-Hyaluronic Acid Serum - Vegetarian by Garden of Wisdom

Moisturiser for face I am reviewing a few and I will let you know which is the winner ( of course I am a woman in my early 50’s so it is an anti wrinkle one for me πŸ™‚)

For your precious body I think you can’t go wrong with Bio Oil ! I also Use Arnica oil for pain ... I use a very strong one in fact it is actually produced for horses aching muscles 🐎 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚but it is ok for humans too, I buy this from Amazon .

Water Retention: Ginger oil this is really good and really helps , of course I didn’t mention the one thing you must drink every day , at least 2 and a half litres of WATER πŸ’§!

I do also suffer from depression, panic attacks and anxiety.... how do I cope with these ...... well I don’t πŸ˜‚ , but a good sense of humour helps ! I also use CBD OIL , and essential oils .... and of course my Duloxetine !!

Remember to never give up and that YOU ARE ENOUGH! M x