Sunday 30 June 2019

Empower & Support

It’s 1.42 am in the morning and as usual I can’t sleep.  So I thought I haven’t written on my blog for 2 days , unfortunately it was a matter of MAN DOWN or in my case WOMAN DOWN ..... for the past 2 days I was unable to move the pain was too much , my fingers looked like pork sausages they were swollen and painful, this is Fibro playing silly games with me .... telling me  “ M you have had 2 days where you managed to enjoy the sun and your garden , I think I need you to drag you back down to reality “ .    So here it goes , while resting I thinking .. why did I start this blog ? I started it to give me a purpose and to focus on the positive things I have in my life .   In reality I would like it to be much more than this ! I would like to Empower & Support women with my life experiences and professional experience.  So this is something I am going to put out there for you ; Do you need support in the following areas :
Depression & Anxiety
Chronic illnesses
Multiple miscarriages
You just have to contact me and I’ll try my best to support you , and possibly signpost you to relevant agencies . This is FREE by the way , i would like to support people like I used to , my professional background is as a Young People & Adults Mentor and Parents Advisor . I have also gone through
all the areas I have listed . All you need to do is contact me ( obviously confidentiality will be respected ) . One truth I found out , about myself since having fibromyalgia , is that I miss helping others . I will also start sharing a little more about my self .... this is a journey I feel I needed to do .


  1. I'm glad you are now back with us after a few terrible days.
    The fact that you are thinking about helping , by supporting people again ,as much to your ability, really pleased me as l know you were so good at it and will be able to put yourself into other peoples shoes, having been through such alot yourself