Friday 28 June 2019

One day at a time

Just thought I would post one last post today , and I guess it’s for all my fellow Fibro warriors, spoonies and all women with chronic illnesses. Today was a good day and for this I’m am so grateful....tomorrow will see,  it’s unknown,  this is how we live , we don’t know how the next day will be .. we don’t know how the next hour will be.    You see most of us won’t sleep much at all tonight , due to pain , restless leg syndrome, and various other issues that come with our conditions. We get ready for bed usually with help , we take all our medication for the night , put our morphine patches on or lidocaine patches to numb the pain , and we lie there thinking will the pain ever stop .  In the  morning we will try and have a good day again .... and that’s just it WE WILL TRY , because we don’t give up , we will always try to do our very best to smile ( even if we are in agony ) we usually put our mask on ......some of us have small children, some of us live with our parents , some of us will have a partner , we try our best not to be a burden ..... And until we keep on trying..... there will always be HOPE . This is a little insight in the life of a fibromyalgia sufferer....that still goes to bed dreaming .
Much love M x 


  1. This is a terrible illness because it can't be seen, is very painful and so far there is no cure for it

  2. Hopefully one day they will find it , let’s hope soon xxx