Saturday 22 June 2019

Glorious Day !

Wow !!! What a fabulous day , feel  so thankful...... when you suffer from various chronic illnesses conditions and you suffer from insomnia , you start your day already tired , you take your 30 tablets or so and then you hope hope for something different.... you hope for something that will make  you smile ...... you hope that you you can get through the day without a migraine and manage your pain .... but when you wake you up and you can see sunshine coming through your windows, I just automatically smile , this means I can go and enjoy my garden .
Flowers and plants for me mean LIFE they mean growth , they mean happiness and awakening. This I can say is my therapy to my anxiety and depression, I love sitting early in the morning with my espresso coffee just breathing in the fresh air , taking in all the smells from all the new buds coming through.  I love especially the smell from my White Wisteria ..... it’s just delightful.

I have learned to always be grateful to one thing every day , today I am grateful for today , I am grateful for the Sun , the enjoyment of being happy by just looking at the little red rose bush coming through . What have you been grateful for today ? I would love to know .

As I’m new to this blogging experience, I’m keeping my posts quite short at the moment as I get quite tired , I’m hoping to get better and better especially proofreading, as I do make many mistakes, I don’t pretend to be a writer of any sought .  Until next time .

Thankful for today M x