Wednesday 19 June 2019


Today is the first day of my new found purpose. You might think why is this ? .. When you suffer from a chronic illness you become quite isolated , from the bubbly and extrovert person that you once were , you become an introvert , you stop socialising due to the pain and fatigue . This is what I have become .... but I still dream !!! In me there is still a part of me where I would like to dance with my son ! Show him that I’ve still got the moves. Cook a nice meal for my family , and finally ..take care of my parents ( not the other way round ). I had lots of dreams unfortunately some won’t come true , but that’s ok , I am learning to be happy with the little things . I am hoping to be able to give you interesting content...... well there are quite a few experiences that I’m hoping to share with you . I will start by  letting you know my interests , I love Home Decor especially shabby chic and modern furniture  mixed together, love skincare and makeup and also love Gardens and flowers.
Well here is my first post !!!! Hope I haven’t bored you too much 🙂 until next time . M