Thursday 27 June 2019


Another beautiful day this morning ! Doesn’t it make such a difference to be able to open your curtains...and there it is the SUN ☀️. We undervalue how the weather can effect us , the weather can really lower my mood to the point that my anxiety and depression effects my body , my thoughts  and how I view things in general. SAD ( Seasonal Affected Disorder )  this is the condition that effects quite a lot of people in the UK to the point they have to take medication.

As it’s a beautiful day I thought I would introduce you to who helps me on my bad days and good days . Even on my very worse day he manages to put a smile on my face , he gives me unconditional love and I could not be more grateful to the Universe and my son ( who bought him home ).. that this little mad , crazy , funny ,hyperactive little soul came into my life !  I can honestly say not sure I could have got through the last 8 months without him

This is RICO ! When he arrived into our life we just fell in love with him , we didn’t know what kind of a dog he was , we found out he is 75% Brewer Terrier and 25% Jack Russel . He doesn’t look very happy in this picture , he had just had a fur cut . ( not happy at all )

Today I am grateful and thankful for Rico , for loving me unconditionally, for waking me up with all his kisses , for making me feel less lonely and just for just always being there for me ,  for being my friend , for accepting all my flaws and my health conditions, for never judging me , for loving me just the way I am .

Much love M x

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